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  • Two main issues that I run into that SEVERELY hinder (if not completely derail) my business is:

    1. The timer is sometimes wonky. Sometimes it counts properly, sometimes it can't get past 1 minute even though more time has passed. I've confirmed this by starting the Clientrol timer and the timer on my phone.
    2. And this is the most important - my subscription is auto renewed and paid for every month and I still get locked out of my dashboard. This literally is the worst thing that could happen to a business owner that now relies on everything INSIDE just not be able to access it??? I say the system should not lock you out immediately but give you 2 or 3 attempts at payment capture before it locks you out, to retrieve your information. Now paying isn't my issue here, but I shouldn't get locked out EVER for any reason (beyond repeated attempts to collect subscription dues) as now it feels like you are holding my files, messages, project management structure, etc. hostage. I now have to stop everything I'm doing and lose money in the process. This is a DIRE situation that has happened to me MULTIPLE months so this needs to be a TOP priority in bug fixes.

    ALSO, my clients now get to see this:

    Not only is this abrasive (makes us feel like myself or my client has done something wrong or that we can't afford to be in business) but also expired is misspelled. (There are TONS of misspellings throughout the app by the way).

    Overall, the use of Clientrol is making my business look inefficient. This needs to be changed ASAP because I've searched the internet for an app that suits me and this is the only one that comes close :) but I can't continue on like this :(

    Appreciate you taking all of what is being said into consideration!

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